Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is a fundamental requirement for any Business to survive & thrive in the world today.
We work globally with MixDigital and help businesses reach the audience, increase profit and keep the attention on their products. A combination of Media & Performance approaches and profound knowledge in advertising tools helps us work with clients from different fields.

 Our clients are in the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Estonia, Indonesia, Thailand, and others. We worked with e-commerce projects, media ads, performance promotion for lead generation.

 Our experts are certified with Google and Facebook, also our agency is recognized as Google Premier Partner and Facebook Business Partner. We get new features first and have full support with our campaigns. Facebook and Google partnership helps us be in touch with a personal manager, using all the privileges of partnership.

Client Engagement Process

Client Service

  • Team communicates  with you constantly responding to your questions.
  • Team is always in touch with your tech team
  • They organize all work for a project
  • They work with documents & do the paper work for you

Digital Planning

  • These experts prepare ad proposals and media plans with an efficient combination of tools
  • They follow innovations and implement new approaches and tools for better results
  • They prepare complex post-buy reports and recommendations

Digital Buying

  • This team sets up the campaign, optimizes and controls KPIs achieving
  • They analyse the effectiveness and give their recommendations in order to make your results greater
  • They follow innovations and implement new approaches and tools for the better results

Data & Web-analytics

  • This team sets and optimizes the data harvesting and transferring process
  • They analyse and prepare recommendations in order to make the campaign results greater

What do we Offer?

Tools Campaign’s types Objectives
Facebook Ads – Brand awareness

– Reach

– Traffic

– Engagement

– Store Visits

– Collect leads for your business

– Promote your page

– Increase conversions on your website
– Get installs of your app
– Reach people near your business

Google Ads – Youtube

– Paid Search


– Universal App Install

Reach and engage video viewers

– Reach customers interested in your product or service

– Promote your products with Shopping Ads
– Drive app installs across Google’s network


Apple Search – App Installs – Get installs of your app in Apple App store

– Increase engagement in your app

Research and Analytics – Google analytics

– Google BigQuery

– Google Data Studio

– Firebase

– Web & App’s analytics

Engagement under the Hood

Drive Customer Life Time Value (LTV)

How We Work

Consultation – This is our very first meeting when we discover more about your business and goals, and we can identify the next action steps

 Audit – Once we locate your growth opportunities and weak spots post your ad account analysis, we present you with an action plan

 Ads management – After signing a contract with you, we start testing, optimizing, creating – basically doing whatever it takes for ads to perform effectively

 Scaling – When metrics become permanently satisfactory, in most cases it is the time to start scaling. We do know how to take businesses to the next level and have proven track record of clients’ business success stories

 Our Conditions: Standard agency fee @10% of monthly ad-spend, but not less than 500 USD per month. The cost may vary depending upon the complexity of the project.